Sa. 06. May '23 16:00 Uhr
Essen Ruhr Museum

und Erich Brost-Pavillon

1923: Music in the Age of Extremes

From New York to Essen


Arcadi Volodos auf dem Klavierfestival Ruhr 2020

4-5:30 p.m.: Guided tours of the special exhibition “Hands off the Ruhr! – The Ruhr Occupation 1923 to 1925″” with curators of the Ruhr Museum.

6 p.m.: Panel discussion with Heinrich Theodor Grütter (Ruhr Museum), Harald Jähner (author), Tobias Bleek

In times of crisis marked by rapid change, the close interconnection between music and society becomes particularly evident. Thus, the major upheavals and debates of the interwar period are reflected in the musical events of the year 1923: economic and political instability, controversies surrounding the issue of cultural identity, the relationship with the “other” and the “foreign”, the relationship between the sexes, and, last not least, a series of technological shifts and innovations in the media landscape. On the occasion of the jazz recital given by the Frank Chastenier Trio and the exhibition “Don’t touch the Ruhrgebiet! – The Occupation of the Ruhr from 1923 to 1925”, we throw light on the interrelations between music and society in a joint event held by the Ruhr Piano Festival and the RuhrMuseum. Exclusive half-hour guided tours provided by museum curators will offer insight into what life felt like in the Ruhr Area in that year of extremes, followed by a podium discussion also deals with the subject of music and leads into the recital with Frank Chastenier and his trio.

Purchase of a day pass includes access to the entire RuhrMuseum collection from 4PM on.

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